Monthly Archives: October 2008


two days ago we were celebrating my son’s birthday. this is his birthday-cake … i wanted to give him a cake he would like (as a matter of course) but we all could eat …

yes – it is raw. and yes – he tried it and liked it! happy me 🙂

we had a great day together – building his new lego star destroyer, playing carrera race (we haven’t done this for years, but it was really fun!)

another party … the way our kitchen looks like these days. i have found cherimoyas and kakis at the central market & lots of greens in the nature reserve. we have got a wonderful package from orkos. & i prepared some tasty dishes for the birthday party … so we have bowls & plates full of fruit everywhere & a brimful fridge:

autumn afternoons

the days are becoming shorter, it’s getting colder – time to start knitting again 🙂

a few days ago friends of us were visiting us … and while the kids were playing their mothers sat in the kitchen sewing & knitting. although i found some unfinished pieces when searching my needlework utensils i could not resist to start something new when i saw the tutorial my friend brought along. so look what i have made:

raw cellar cake

maybe you would not think of cellar cake (german: kalter hund) as something baked, but for sure it is not raw. some time ago i made a really raw cellar cake:

yummy – & very filling. i love the taste of raw chocolate but things like these don’t make me feel well. i prefer to eat cocoa beans, fresh or dried. maybe with a piece of coconut. or some peppermint leaves.

still alive

yes i am still here but somehow busy with “real” life … anyway i finally managed to relaunch this blog. running on wordpress now instead of pmachine. unfortunately there is no way to import the old content other than copying it by hand. so if you want to re-read anything from the old blog, look here.