two days ago we were celebrating my son’s birthday. this is his birthday-cake … i wanted to give him a cake he would like (as a matter of course) but we all could eat …

yes – it is raw. and yes – he tried it and liked it! happy me 🙂

we had a great day together – building his new lego star destroyer, playing carrera race (we haven’t done this for years, but it was really fun!)

another party … the way our kitchen looks like these days. i have found cherimoyas and kakis at the central market & lots of greens in the nature reserve. we have got a wonderful package from orkos. & i prepared some tasty dishes for the birthday party … so we have bowls & plates full of fruit everywhere & a brimful fridge:

2 thoughts on “party-days

  1. cecilia

    leider nur 2 stück von den ganzen 4 kilo. hat sich nicht gelohnt, die auf dem grossmarkt zu kaufen. das näxte mal lieber von orkos.

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