winter-greens 2

kelp is great to be eaten on its own or simply with avocado or olives or dates. but today we felt like preparing something … this is what we came up with:

pasta marinara

pasta marinara

grated root celery with tomato sauce (made of dried tomatoes, celery, parsley, fresh kelp, water & olive oil), kelp and olives. yummy! & also very warming, a great winter meal!

1 thought on “winter-greens 2

  1. Ramona

    oh lecker. ich hätte das gern probiert. mir’s auch kalt. ich hab beschlossen, die 7 tage roh von storm zu machen. tag eins heut. soweit so gut. hm, bekomme gleich hunger, wenn ich das sehe!
    wo kauft man kelp? orkos?

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