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mobile me

on thursday, we are going to start our trip to england. today i finally managed to install my great new macbook pro * 🙂 * … now i am ready to go, taking my office along. lots of toys and funny devices … the macbook, a surfstick to connect to the internet, charged my ipod with games for my son, radio plays and video podcasts for my daughter and some music for me. do we need anything more??? oh yes, there are some crates standing by: oranges, avocados, papayas … i don’t know where we are going to sleep there, but at least we won’t starve & won’t be bored 🙂


last weekend, i went to berlin where i had not been for about 13 years …

i visited the Rohvolution, a rawfood-fair. quite exciting, lots of yummy treats to try (like an “all-you-can-eat”-buffet, especially for the younger visitors like my daughter) and/or buy. we started our visit there with a small but delicious durian 🙂 later we discovered the great raw chocolate from lifefood … mhmmm!

even better, i met a friend i had not seen for months because she moved to freiburg last year. we spent the day together at the fair & met again next morning in our room at the sunflower hostel.

i really enjoyed this weekend!

fulfilled wish or: first step

on my way to become more mobile … isn’t it cute?


before hitting the road i have to install my mobile office. good luck, i can do my work wherever i am, all over the world, provided that i have internet access.

next week we will leave for the isle of wight, gb … lots of things to do before – installing this great new toy, finishing some projects and so on … i am so excited!

go with the flow …

our situation (as unschoolers) here is becoming a bit … well, less relaxed. good thing is, after quite a while of sparse movement & motivation (winter sleep? absence of courage?) we now have to get in the flow again. quite fast … my head feels like flowing over, looking for the way to go now. too many ideas to write them down here at the moment. but i will keep you in the loop!


yesterday i picked the first wild greens this year … very small, it took me half an hour to collect a handful, but hmmm, how yummy & energizing! i found dandelion, goutweed, pilewort, garlic mustard & stinging nettle. made a nice dinner, together with a big bowl of winter purslane & a mango.

first greens

first greens

a weekend at home

actually, i wanted to write something about our weekend in london. we planned to spend some days there, fly with the london eye, have lunch at a raw food cafe, see the guards (and especially their horses) in front of the buckingham palace … everything was prepared, bags were packed, flight, train, room booked … but when we got up this morning at 5 am (thought we had to leave on 6:30 in order to arrive at the airport in time) i found my little one ill. detox. cough and fever. thus … no trip today. instead, we spent the day at home, nursing most of the time. eating oranges. rebooking our london-trip. we will go in may – good thing is, it will hopefully be warmer. anyway i am looking forward to it 🙂


i am really happy to see how the days are getting longer and that it is becoming a little bit warmer these days! spring is coming 🙂

for many weeks now i feel i need much more sleep … usually i perfectly get along with 5 to 6 hours of sleep, but in winter … so dark and cold … well, it is just natural to go to sleep when it is dark, instead of staying up and trying to work. fortunately, i know that my energy will rise again!

i also find it harder to do some sports in winter. when it is really cold outside, i don’t even want to leave house for a walk. usually, i am jumping on my trampoline in the morning, first thing on getting up, and doing some exercises afterwards, like sit-ups and pushups. a few weeks ago i bought bar-bells to do some more exercises for my neck and shoulders, but somehow i don’t manage to use them regularly.

since yesterday, we have a pull-up bar in out kitchen door. up to now, i don’t even make ONE pull-up but hopefully this will change soon 🙂

the kids love the bar … everybody uses it whenever passing!

of course there are lots of things … i like to call them everyday-sports … like carrying my daughter, running to follow her when biking, carrying crates of fruit and so on … but this does not seem to be enough. how do YOU exercise? how do you make it to exercise enough, especially together with small children?