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again i have won a prize – lucky me 🙂

it’s an apron by Keimling. 100% organic cotton.

for i don’t really need it … i am rather trying to reduce my household to what is absolutely necessary … maybe someone of you is interested in it? if so – just leave a comment here by june 11th. just in case there should be more than one i will decide by lot.

und wieder hab ich bei einem preisauschreiben gewonnen 🙂
eine keimling-schürze diesmal. 100% bio-baumwolle.
ich bin nicht wirklich der typ für schürzen 😉 … ausserdem versuche ich gerade, unseren hausstand auf das wesentliche (mitnehmbare) zu reduzieren. aber vielleicht kann eineR von euch das gute stück brauchen? schreibt einfach einen kommentar hierzu, bis zum 11. juni … für den fall, dass es mehrere interessenten gibt, entscheidet das los.

magic of art

my favourite in london has been our visit of the “dalí universe”. i somehow like dalís work and i am fascinated by his genius. furthermore i have not visited any art museum or exhibition for quite a while & it was so genial. food for my soul. inspiring, too!


… there also was an interactive exhibition – the magic of art – where we played funny games, learning something about color schemes, perspective, art history and so on. created virtual images with the ‘art machine’. in the “graffiti room” we painted the walls with tempera colors … we had so much fun!


thanks to clonlara we have a 7-day test account for the rosetta stone online portal for language learning. they are using a method called “dynamic immersion” – we all used the immersion process when learning our first language. just being beset with the new language, trying to find out the meaning of the words, to speak. i guess this is a great way to learn a new language.

with regard to our near future i am doing the course for latin-american spanish. trying to refresh my spanish. it’s fun 🙂

isn’t it great – this offer has been coming to us right now, exactly when we need it!

raw food restaurant

visiting london i had to take the chance and have a go at a raw food restaurant. actually there is no real raw food restaurant there, but i found three vegan/vegetarian restaurants with also raw items on their menu. first, we took a look at the VitaOrganic, a vegetarian café near chinatown. sadly, the only raw items offered for buffet-lunch where salads. they told me they do have raw dishes for diner … if anybody will try this, please tell me!

we then decided to have our lunch at Saf, a vegan restaurant. Quite classy. Dishes are arranged really fine – i did not take photos there, but i found this one on their website:

beetroot ravioli

beetroot ravioli, filled with cashew herb ricotta

j had cooked ravioli, filled with vegetables and served with a pumpkin sauce. unfortunately he did not like it. m and me divided in the beetroot ravioli, nachos (sprouted crisp with 4 different dips: avocado, salsa, cashew cream and olive tapenade) & a bowl with greens & flowers. we found the avocado and salsa dips too spicy to eat them, but everything else was yummy!


finally … our weekend trip to london. planned for months (remember?) and somehow forgotten between all these spontaneous trips.

two and a half days in this large, exciting city. fascinating. exhausting, too. running around all day, with a bagpack filled with food, most of the time also carrying 4yr old m. the weather was great, sunny & warm 🙂 . our hostel (booked online, via was … well, kind of a fleabag. but we are flexible … the kids called it ‘home’ for two days 😉

a flight with the london eye … j’s wish. great view but nevertheless disappointing for all the three of us.

london eye london eye london eye

watching the horse guards in front of the buckingham palace … this was for horse-loving m. we were late & therefore missed the change of the guards but luckily there was a parade in front of the palace.

a visit at the dali universe … my idea & i was thrilled! we all had fun there! gonna write more about this later …

what else? walking walking walking … the embankment, big ben, westminster, st james park, piccadilly, soho, chinatown. the tube. night flight back home … watching the sundown from somewhere above the clouds …

il holma

villa holma is the name of the house we visited in malta. ‘holma’ is maltese & means ‘dream’. it is situated in xlendi, a small town on gozo, malta. a few weeks ago, i read an announcement of the present residents of villa holma who want to leave malta & therefore are looking for somebody to take over the house.

so … we have been there, visiting the house, getting a picture of gozo … & now i am trying to make up my mind …

gozo is a small island & xlendi a really quiet location, nothing happening there except of tourism in the summer. there is no supermarket, no greengrocer, no school (well, we wouldn’t miss it 🙂 ), no museum, no library … but all this can be found in victoria, gozo’s capital, which is only 4km away. the landscape is stony & barren, at least from may to octobre. at the moment, there are a lot of wild herbs growing there. i don’t know most of them yet. i somehow like the landscape, hilly, scenic, & i love the sea so living at one time on the mediterranean coast would be great! mediterranean climate 🙂 … the house is nice, too. 3 large rooms, simple equipment, some walls are a little bit brittle … internet access is available which is very important for me & my son!

but – there is one big problem: it is almost impossible to get organic (or even untreated) fruit & vegetables. no organic food stores, no organic offers in the supermarkets. very few fruits growing there, figs, prickly pears & melons in the summer would be fine, but everything else is treated with pesticides. most things imported. no tropenkost-supplies, no asian markets (i. e., no coconuts or other tropic fruit). c became ill during our few days there on eating treated strawberries and other fruit. i don’t know how to live there for a year or more as raw-vegans. especially on raising a raw-vegan child …