il holma

villa holma is the name of the house we visited in malta. ‘holma’ is maltese & means ‘dream’. it is situated in xlendi, a small town on gozo, malta. a few weeks ago, i read an announcement of the present residents of villa holma who want to leave malta & therefore are looking for somebody to take over the house.

so … we have been there, visiting the house, getting a picture of gozo … & now i am trying to make up my mind …

gozo is a small island & xlendi a really quiet location, nothing happening there except of tourism in the summer. there is no supermarket, no greengrocer, no school (well, we wouldn’t miss it 🙂 ), no museum, no library … but all this can be found in victoria, gozo’s capital, which is only 4km away. the landscape is stony & barren, at least from may to octobre. at the moment, there are a lot of wild herbs growing there. i don’t know most of them yet. i somehow like the landscape, hilly, scenic, & i love the sea so living at one time on the mediterranean coast would be great! mediterranean climate 🙂 … the house is nice, too. 3 large rooms, simple equipment, some walls are a little bit brittle … internet access is available which is very important for me & my son!

but – there is one big problem: it is almost impossible to get organic (or even untreated) fruit & vegetables. no organic food stores, no organic offers in the supermarkets. very few fruits growing there, figs, prickly pears & melons in the summer would be fine, but everything else is treated with pesticides. most things imported. no tropenkost-supplies, no asian markets (i. e., no coconuts or other tropic fruit). c became ill during our few days there on eating treated strawberries and other fruit. i don’t know how to live there for a year or more as raw-vegans. especially on raising a raw-vegan child …


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  1. Ramona

    hm, essen ist mir wichtig. das wäre ein wichtiges argument, mich für oder gegen was zu entscheiden…oder du hast die kraft, einen biohandel zu eröffnen 🙂

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