raw food restaurant

visiting london i had to take the chance and have a go at a raw food restaurant. actually there is no real raw food restaurant there, but i found three vegan/vegetarian restaurants with also raw items on their menu. first, we took a look at the VitaOrganic, a vegetarian café near chinatown. sadly, the only raw items offered for buffet-lunch where salads. they told me they do have raw dishes for diner … if anybody will try this, please tell me!

we then decided to have our lunch at Saf, a vegan restaurant. Quite classy. Dishes are arranged really fine – i did not take photos there, but i found this one on their website:

beetroot ravioli

beetroot ravioli, filled with cashew herb ricotta

j had cooked ravioli, filled with vegetables and served with a pumpkin sauce. unfortunately he did not like it. m and me divided in the beetroot ravioli, nachos (sprouted crisp with 4 different dips: avocado, salsa, cashew cream and olive tapenade) & a bowl with greens & flowers. we found the avocado and salsa dips too spicy to eat them, but everything else was yummy!