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playing at the beach

3rd day of birthday celebration. we had a party together with a friend, alex, who lives in scharbeutz, at the baltic sea. dear friends, lots of talks & fun, yummy treats. in her garden i picked red, black and white currants … & plenty of wild edibles (found something new: borage … so delicious, i could not stop eating it! later that day someone told me borage is known to be good to calm & strengthen when feeling stressed. maybe this is why i like it so much?!? anyway, my body seems to need it. ).

alex' fantastic strawberry tart

alex' fantastic strawberry tart

my humble contribution for the buffet

my humble contribution for the buffet

although it was a bit chilly & windy we went to the beach … to cold for most of us to take a bath (not for all of us: m. actually had fun in the water!) we enjoyed being creative & playing in the sand 🙂



… second day of celebration 🙂

yesterday – my birthday – i simply enjoyed life: every minute of the day, the congratulations, letters, emails, sms, calls, presents … so many wonderful things happened.

today we were celebrating with some of my family. my mom brought beautiful roses to me:


nice afternoon, but somehow … strange. hm. maybe i’ll write about this later…

wanna see what we had to eat?

strawberry tartlets with whipped cream

strawberry tartlets with whipped cream

apple pie

apple pie




… do i feel embarrassed now? oh no, why should i! thank you, sandra & steffi, for making my day 🙂

12 kg strawberries

yes it’s true – we picked 12 kg strawberries at gut wulksfelde last saturday! i just couldn’t stop … so yummy! but thanks to the rain last week they also were very ripe & soft so we had to eat (or process) them soon. i had strawberries for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner & in between. mixed several glasses with strawberry sauce. made a wonderful strawberry cake for a picnic on sunday:


and strawberry wafers (with buckwheat):


now they’re all gone … & i’m looking forward to picking strawberries again next week 🙂