Monthly Archives: September 2009

snow leopard

a few days ago i upgraded my mac book pro to snow leopard. and: it is really great: the computer is starting faster & waking up faster. the system needs less disk space. i did some research before to make sure my daily tools will go on running under snow leopard. & most of them do. some programs crash on quitting (cs 4!). only ms office (2004) does not want to play with the white cat. annoying 🙁 i am not sure how to handle this. office 2008 would work, but i don’t really want to pay 600 euro to microsoft. if anybody knows a good alternative please let me know!

sunny autumn weekend

started yesterday with our weekly western riding lesson. my third lesson. with sheza. walk and trot. an exercise in insistence & willpower, making sheza go where i want her to go. & of course physical exercise: sitting trot … a western saddle is more comfortable than an english one but … well, i still cannot sit 😉
anyway i can’t wait for next saturday!

in the afternoon i was skating in the local nature reserve. m. came along with her run bike. sun was shining & we had so much fun going up & down the hills 🙂

on sunday we went to the farmers market at gut wulksfelde … just to find out that i mixed the days up: the market has been yesterday. disappointing. but we took the chance & enjoyed the warm & sunny day, making a walk around the farm, collecting comfrey, playing at the playground. then spent the rest of our sun-day playing, reading & having a picnic in our yard.

how wonderful life can be 🙂

who knows II

what i mainly learned during my childhood was to prepare for life. to plan the future. project my life. instead of just LIVING my life. i learned to do & to learn what parents & teachers told me to. instead of just following MY WAY.

i am so grateful for my kids showing me how to live! sharing their lifes really helps me to find my way, my self. to remember what is really important.

life is NOW!

western riding

i finally found a training stable for western riding near here. it’s in elmenhorst, about half an hour by car. even better, m & me can both ride there, at the same time. yay 🙂
i love this way of riding. of interacting with the horse.
& … not only that riding is great physical exercise. it is so much more. kind of therapy. for me. makes me be totally “now”.