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spent the afternoon with both kids, enjoying the autumn sun on a walk & with some spontaneous halloween crafts:

little monsters

little monsters

made by j.

made by j.

balloon monsters, painted by the kids

balloon monsters, painted by the kids

guess we are well prepared for tomorrow 🙂

happy halloween!


entdeckt bei jademond:


Vor einer Woche war auch Freitag.

Ich habe viel Zeit vergeudet mit dem, was andere wollten, dass ich es tue, als ich jung war.

Meine Mutter sagte “… weil man das (nicht) macht.”.

Wir drei!du und ich.

Nimm dir Zeit zu Denken bevor du sprichst.

Auch diese Phase wird vorbeigehen !

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf ein paar ruhige Stunden ohne Bibi Blocksberg & Co, morgen habe ich Tanzen & FreundInnen treffen geplant und Sonntag möchte ich an die Nordsee!

push up training

first day today … started with knee push ups and performed the 5 sets as instructed 6 – 6 – 4 – 4 – 12 (max) … yay!

but don’t worry, i won’t post each work out here 😉 … if you are interested in my progress, follow my push ups log.

one hundred push ups

inspired by jademond i take the challenge … will i be able to do 100 push ups within 6 weeks?


starting at level 1 (distressing but true: i only manage 2 “good form” push ups …) i will better do knee push ups the first days 🙂

help needed!

only two more weeks to my daughter’s birthday. she is going to have a party, themed (who can guess?): horses … she herself wants to dress up like “räuber”, a pony who is speckled, black/grey and white. any ideas how to design this costume or where to get suitable cloth???

barefoot in the baltic sea

at about 11° celcius and rain … wanna know why?



the tide was high & even with my jeans turned up all my clothes got wet from the waves & the rain … but i really enjoyed the fresh air at the sea! feels so good 🙂

furthermore, this day brought to us crates of plums & pears from dear gila & lots of wild greens.


thanks so much!!!

thanksgiving time

actually i am giving thanks for harvested fruit & vegetables for months now … universe really cares for us 🙂

last week i found by chance that organic apples sometimes are treated with 50° C hot water to make them better suitable for storage 😮 – what a shock! i instantly sent a mail to the farmer to express my concern about this & to ask for details. they rang me up & we had an interesting talk. in the end they asked me to come & pick some apples myself. and so we did – this afternoon 🙂

so fresh & yummy :)

fresh & yummy

horses & thanksgiving

in face of continuous raining we went to the kiekeberg museum today to celebrate thanksgiving & – mainly – to visit the horse day. we saw lots of different horses, so beautiful some of them. i saw friesian horses – one of the most beautiful horse breeds to me. there were several shows like western riding, circus stunts and so on. i was totally fascinated by the presentation of “natural horsemanship” – a phrase new to me but describing exactly the way of natural non-violent interaction with horses i am looking for! (wanna read something more about it? – visit monty roberts homepage or this page of a german horse trainer.) it was phantastic to see the girls & women communicating with the horses, working WITH them, so obviously being a team each with her horse. relating with the horse. made me happy to watch them 🙂