holidays 2

… just in case anybody is interested … here are some impressions of our holiday treats:

xmas apple pie with cinnamon stars

xmas apple pie with cinnamon stars

christmas cookies

christmas cookies

our diner on christmas eve

our dinner on christmas eve

regarding dinner, i like the christmas eve tradition of my childhood: we always had a quite simple meal. something like potato salad & sausages. of course i would not eat these any more but i don’t like to spend this evening on creating a complex meal. so we had a salad of red cabbage & oranges, raw burgers, rice for those not eating raw & an abundance of greens & vegetables with a sesame-dip.

3 thoughts on “holidays 2

  1. ramona

    hmm, sieht das heiligabendmahl lecker aus. so schön grün. ich kenne das auch aus meiner kindheit: kartoffelsalat und würstchen. Da A. es anders kennt, haben wir uns ihm angepasst. Aber ich bin guter Dinge. Er liest schon die ganzen Tage “Green for life” ganz interessiert (es war in Germaines Packerl und lag auf dem Tisch, da hat er sich das geschnappt *liebe*)

  2. Nordlicht

    Wow, this looks really delicious. How did you whiten the Vanillekipferl and how did you make the sesame dip?

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