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winter food

what do you eat (& do) to keep yourself warm on days with -10° celcius or less? up to last week i felt like eating things like avocado, coconut & sweet potato (fat & carbs) to keep my body warm. a few days ago i found that even at this chilliness i feel better on eating fruits & greens. low fat.

this is what i had today:

  • 1,5 ananas (not at once, of course 😉 )
  • about 200g miner’s lettuce, mizuna & other salad
  • 2 small persimmon
  • 1 medjool date
  • 1 plantain
  • 6 leaves of savoy cabbage
  • 1 apple
  • 1 carob bean
  • about 7 BIG leaves of curly kale
  • 2 oranges
  • about 30-40 big blackberry leaves

since i am somewhat inspired by “green for life” from victoria boutenko which i just have read, part of the greens had been blended: plantain with savoy cabbage turned out to be really yummy! but i still prefer to eat the things as they are … the best meal today was eating plantain & cabbage in the sun in front of our house 🙂

anyway, what really helps to keep me warm isn’t food but exercise. move! i do 3 to 4 small workouts a day, 5 to 20 minutes each, on the stepper or doing sit-ups, pushups, stretching or something.

the big why

we all were born for a reason. it was not a mistake and it didn’t occur randomly. we arrived exactly when we knew we would, into the exact environment we planned on arriving into, with full knowledge of what we were getting ourself into. only that in the moment we arrived, we forgot all that.

our challenge is to remember that reason & then, if we choose to, to fulfill it. the reason is our purpose for existing. it’s why we’re here.

(inspired by john p. strelecky)

knowing the reason why i am here can help me in making decisions – it’s like my personal compass for life. a very helpful step on my way to remember my purpose for existing is to realize what is (& has been) really important for me, the big themes in my life. what do i want to do, see, experience in this life? so i am just about to find out my “big 5 for life” …


“ein krieger des lichts fürchtet nicht, verrückt zu erscheinen. […] in dem augenblick, in dem er losschreitet, erkennt ein krieger des lichts den weg. […] wenn er auf den idealen augenblick wartet, wird er nicht von der stelle kommen; um den nächsten schritt zu tun, bedarf es einer prise verrücktheit.” “ein krieger des lichts tut immer außergewöhnliches. […] wenn er spürt, dass die stunde gekommen ist, läßt er alles zurück und bricht zu dem abenteuer auf, von dem er immer geträumt hat.”
(quelle: handbuch des kriegers des lichts, paulo coelho)

museum of life

imagine after your death there will be a museum, an exhibition of your life. filled with all the things you did during your life. things you spent a lot of time with will take a lot of place in this museum whilst others, you only did seldom will be little presented – irrespective of what you really wanted to do, loved to do, prefered to do! it will be your job to guide others through your museum & to show them your life – every day. you will have to spend there all your time – with YOUR LIFE.

what to you want it to be filled with?

me, i want mine to be filled with love, joy, happiness, colors, pictures, art, sun, people, communication, journeys, nature, … !

find your typ(e)o

funny test: what type are you. it’s about typography, only 4 questions to answer. password required is “character”.

according to this, my typo is cooper black italic:

emotional, assertive, progressive, relaxed

emotional, assertive, progressive, relaxed

though there are days i feel rather understated than assertive … those will be my “dot matrix days” from now on 😉

coffee party

we celebrated a friend’s birthday today. had a nice afternoon …here are a few pics from the “coffee” table:

chocolate tart ... very yummy, very filling :)

chocolate tart ... very yummy, very filling 🙂

beetles on a branch

beetles on a branch

apple casserole

apple casserole

warrior of the light

a warrior of the light isn’t afraid to appear crazy … a loud soliloquy is the best way to communicate with the angels.

… i am reading another wonderful book from paulo coelho: “manual of the warrior of the light”.

this one made my day yesterday:
“der krieger des lichts leidet unter dingen, die es nicht wert sind, ist oft kleinlich und kann sich nicht vorstellen, dass auch er fähig ist zu wachsen. … er weiss nicht immer, was er hier eigentlich tut. liegt oft nächtelang wach, weil er findet, sein leben habe keinen sinn. deshalb ist er ein krieger des lichts. weil er sich irrt. weil er sich fragen stellt. weil er einen sinn sucht; und er wird ihn ganz gewiss finden.”

so encouraging. heartening. thank you!