the big why

we all were born for a reason. it was not a mistake and it didn’t occur randomly. we arrived exactly when we knew we would, into the exact environment we planned on arriving into, with full knowledge of what we were getting ourself into. only that in the moment we arrived, we forgot all that.

our challenge is to remember that reason & then, if we choose to, to fulfill it. the reason is our purpose for existing. it’s why we’re here.

(inspired by john p. strelecky)

knowing the reason why i am here can help me in making decisions – it’s like my personal compass for life. a very helpful step on my way to remember my purpose for existing is to realize what is (& has been) really important for me, the big themes in my life. what do i want to do, see, experience in this life? so i am just about to find out my “big 5 for life” …