Monthly Archives: February 2010

sunny creations

missing discipline … today i somehow cannot get my head down on my work. daydreaming. my thoughts are focussing completely on my yearning for sun, warmth, travelling. so when my daughter suggested to “paint a sun for yourself” i instantly picked my colors & paper … look what we came up with:

sun is shining!

sun is shining in my office :) on Twitpic

... in my office!

something great to share in my museum. this is how i want to live. following our spontaneous ideas without practical constraints forcing me to do something else. our next project will be painting a sun on our kitchen’s ceiling 🙂

und der krieger überlegt

“warum rede ich so viel, wenn ich doch so häufig das gesagte nicht in die tat umzusetzen vermag?”

sein herz antwortet ihm: ” wenn du öffentlich deine ideen vertrittst, musst du dich bemühen, ihnen entsprechend zu leben.”

und da er denkt, was er sagt, wird der krieger am ende zu dem, was er sagt.

(quelle: handbuch des kriegers des lichts, paulo coelho)

housesitting wanted

as most of you know, we want – & urgently need! – a change of our environment. for more than one reason …

one idea to realise this would be housesitting. so if anyone is looking for a housesitter or knows anyone … please let me know!

ice age

the north sea today

tide coming in … but no water to see. looked like a moonscape. we came there to gather algae. worked hard to get a few handfull … mixed with lots of mud (filled up our b12 reserves 🙂 ). ice cold hand & feet but lots of fun, wonderful fresh air & an afternoon to remember! & what a yummy dinner tonight 🙂

eat from your stash

eat from your stash … my name for a game jademond has just started. sounds funny 🙂

somehow this is our usual way to eat …but with a stash only surviving a few days for it consists of 95% fresh fruit & greens. our kitchen is either empty or filled with an abundance of fruit. at the moment we have plenty of ripe papayas, bananas & pineapples, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, dates & enough spinache for about 3 days. besides there are blackberry leaves & some avocados. we also have some nuts, almonds & seeds in our cupboard but it seems we won’t need any of these the next days 🙂

… this is what we had the last days. we don’t stick to the usual meals, each of us eats whenever she is hungry, but most days m & i share three to four meals. j usually eats on his own.


  • papaya, grapes, spinache
  • durian with blackberry leaves
  • grapes, dates, mulberries with blackberry leaves
  • oranges with spinache
  • j. does not play along; he ordered a pizza today. furthermore he had cucumber, apple, bread with peanut butter.


  • papaya with spinache
  • grapes with spinache for me; a cream of banana, carob & greens decorated with raisins & salad for m
  • spinache, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, olives
  • papaya (flesh for m, seeds for me 😉 ), apple, dates, fennel, blackberry leaves
  • j had bread, vegan chocolate, 1 apple, 1 pear, grape juice.

friends are chosen by heart

we are just back home from 2 relaxing, heart-warming days with friends. 4 kids, ages 3 to 9, playing together all the time & getting along wonderful. 3 women, enjoying the time together talking talking talking. what a wonderful life! thank you so much!