Monthly Archives: April 2010

counting good things

such an abundance in our home:

abundant fruit in our kitchen

abundance on our lunch table*

money for last weeks' work flowing in

to be continued … 🙂

*thanks for seaweed from the baltic sea, harvested on a wonderful sunny day there with friends! thanks for cucumber & miners lettuce by r.! thanks for yummy dates from the central market, fresh batata bought at the wholefood shop & raw peanuts, marinated & dried with tamari & seaweed.

living life

“I can’t say I’ve lived my life perfectly, but I am living it;
I can’t say I love all, but I do love;
I can’t say I’ve won every battle, but I still fight;
I can’t say I’ve always done good, but I believe in what’s right;
I can’t say I know my destiny, but I know I have a purpose;
I can’t say my life is perfect, but I am living it!”

Geena Lee, via Jinjee’s Daily Raw Inspiration


these days i am enjoying the sun, staying outdoor, gardening, long walks, wild greens … pleasures of spring. returning energy. feelings i almost have lost during winter. wonderful life!

keep the fire burning

visited the emigration museum today … read & listened to lots of life stories. people who left everything behind & started their new lifes from scratch. so much courage! hope. confidence. i am deeply impressed. yearning so much to go!

dreams - then & now

where to go

what to take along ...

... & what to leave behind?