Monthly Archives: September 2010

lighten up thursday

following “the secret”‘s suggestion i am celebrating “lighten up thursday” today. i started the day cycling for half an hour, on this sunny cool autumn day. felt good! after feeding the kids with apples & figs & playing with my daughter it’s time to do some work now. this afternoon we will go out again, to ballett school & taking a walk, enjoying the sun, afterwards. even our everyday life can be so full of joy 🙂

thank you tuesday

up to this morning, this week was dominated by two quite uncomfortable appointments. one with my dentist. the other one with the social services (youth welfare(?) office).
i left the house at 8 am but the bus was late so i missed the train & found it impossible to reach my dentist’s house on time … i called them & we made a new appointment.
back home, i found a letter from the social services … canceling our appointment for this week. whew!

yes, i probably will have to face both things … but this week feels so much lighter now 🙂

looking for support

today i spent two hours at Ohlsdorf’s cemetery – biggest park cemetery of the world, with more than 250,000 gravesites, a place so silent, green, relaxing within this big city. amazingly, i have not been there before, although i have been living in hamburg for more than 20 years now.

this afternoon i have met there with an internet acquaintance whom i wanted to talk to. she has lived abroad for many years, in different countries – on her own, following the flow of life – & today she has told me about her experiences. thank you so much … a really supporting walk!