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… do we live the way we do? this is one reason:

“Only by following intelligent, adaptive, creative, learning adults, something our present systems discourages, will our children develop the capacity to lead humanity into a sustainable future. Developing competent adult learners, passionate individuals who are learning explosively right alongside the children they love, this is the next frontier.”

“Nur, indem sie intelligenten, anpassungsfähigen, kreativen, lernenden Erwachsenen folgen – etwas, das unsere bestehenden Systeme nicht fördern – werden unsere Kinder die Fähigkeit entwickeln, die Menschheit in eine lebensfähige Zukunft zu führen.”

Michael Mendizza, The next frontier in education.

15 years ago …

… i was experiencing some of the most intensive hours in my life. ending in a perfect tiny baby boy lying in my arms, hardly 5 lbs, 47cm … wow!

now it’s only a few minutes left & he’ll be 15 years old. not yet grown up but not a child anymore. so much has happened, so much he has taught to me. my beloved son.

i wish you all the best for your birthday & i am curious to see where your journey ( … maybe our journey for some more time …) will lead you in this coming year!

wonderful world!

wow, i love life! handles us so well! i am experiencing such an abundance here: this week a friend not only picked us up in a small village 50km from here to see us home but also lent a car to me! another friend gave us a big bag with clothes for my daughter. i sold a lot of things i don’t need anymore & thereby earned some money. this morning i got lots of fresh, ripe fruits at special prices at the central market: next days we will live on grapes, papayas & pineapples!

&, what also really makes me happy: i just received the first booking for one of my seminars 🙂

not to talk about lots of enriching meetings & talks within the last days. lucky me! i am so grateful!


lightening my life & (more profane 😉 ) preparing our departure i am just about to get rid of a lot of things. oh, how i love this! it’s really liberating to let go all these things. this time we want to go very light: just take with us as much as we can carry.

here is a list of what we want to leave behind … at the same time i am looking for some things we need for our journey : backpacks, suitcases, camping mats …

so if you are interested in anything, let me know what you want to have. & if there is something you would like to swap for it.


reading my son’s highschool program folder i found something for me – this quote by Goethe:

Bis man sich einer Sache ganz verschrieben hat, bleibt ein Zaudern bestehen, die Möglichkeit eines Rückzugs … In dem Augenblick, in dem man sich ganz festlegt, stellt sich auch die Vorsehung ein. Mit einem Mal tauchen Dinge auf, um einem zu helfen, die andernfalls nie in Erscheinung getreten wären. … Was immer du dir erträumen kannst, vermagst du auch zu tun. Beginne! Der Kühnheit wohnt Schöpferkraft, Stärke und Zauber inne.

visualizing & collecting

  • according to mythic tales, the canary island are remains of atlantis, the island kingdom sunken in the atlantic ocean.
  • tenerife is the biggest of the islands – with only 2057 km².
  • papayas, avocados, melons & bananas can be found on every market. bananas, grapes and tomatoes can be grown & harvested the whole year.
  • humboldt wrote something like: the canaries & madeira are the best places in the world to become cured from melancholia.
  • weather in santa cruz de tenerife these days: sunshine & 29° C
  • wild edibles: opuntia. & i am sure i will find more wild edible greens there.