Monthly Archives: November 2010

8° east

today’s journey led us to switzerland, sardinia, the sahara, cameroon, antartica, samoa, the arctic … crossing different climate zones with different fauna & flora. me, i positively prefer the tropic climate. samoa & cameroon seem to be wonderful!

we have found all this here


we have been in berlin today, met some people there who want to build up a community on the canaries. la gomera. the island next to tenerife. rawfood, permaculture, love, freedom … a sunny afternoon filled with warmth, acceptance, love.
community. feels good.
community … what we are yearning for so much. imaginable now. getting within reach. wow.

for a friend

“a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart & can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

… once, she sent these words to me & now i want to tell them back to her. for she sung my song back to me such a lot of times & by that helped & encouraged me so much on my way! thank you for being there, for being my friend!

i hope you have an awesome day today – happy birthday, dear jademond!


some time ago we played the game “eat from our stash“, using all the food collected in our pantry. now i am widening this game: while going through all our things & sorting what we can’t take with us (most of what we have) i have realized how many things have been waiting here for months or even years for someone making use of them. crafting materials, paints, painting books, clothes, books, postcards. again food like seeds, nuts, dried fruits … so now we are playing “live from our stash” … preparing raw treats, painting, crafting, reading … using & enjoying all these things & having fun while our household is getting lighter & lighter every day. yay! very inspiring & really fun! try it – even if you don’t want to move home it will surely ease up & lighten your life!