Monthly Archives: January 2011


house is empty, all bags are packed.
one last night here, with air matresses & sleep bags.
good-bye picnic with oranges & dried durian.
feeling slightly wistfull …


today’s insight: yes, i truly am courageous. it took me more than 3 yrs to take enough heart for this step … although this has not only been a question of courage. actually, there have been several blocks … but: even if not all of them are dissolved yet, at least i have found enough courage. yay!


days of saying good-bye. inspiring hours visiting dear friends. afterwards three tedious hrs on the autobahn … therefore missing out another friend who came to our house to see us.


spent the day writing offers, mails & blogposts … i’d better pack my bags … at least, our cupboards are almost empty … made lots of treats for the next week & for our journey.


“If you aren’t sure what you want in life, start by getting rid of what you don’t. In that open space good things will evolve.”

from The Why Cafe by John P. Strelecky

… at present we have so much open space, everything good just has to come here 🙂


have my hair cut today … now i spend the last tuesday night in this house with henna in the hair & a towel turban on my head. i hope it won’t get lost while sleeping for i don’t have any more bedclothes to change … 🙂