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*phew*, full moon is over, waning again, & i feel like i should get some sleep!

some of today’s activities concerning our journey:

* found out about an organic farm on tenerife (& sent them a request for a farm stay), about organic shops & farmer’s markets.

* sold our bikes & scooter

* also sold our bobby car … & took it back 1 minute later because m broke the hooter while saying goodbye

* brought two big boxes of bits & bobs to oxfam

* freecycled several boxes of books, games & toys

* studied a road map, prices for rental cars & the bus lines


is there anything about wooden pearls i don’t know? maybe they are more valuable as i do imagine? or someone will regard them as dangerous … letter bombs???

what has happened?

a friend gave hand-crafted talismans to us last week, for our journey.

my daughter’s talisman almost instantly lost his head so my friend tried to send us 2 small wooden pearls by letter so we would be able to fix this. her first letter arrived two days ago – with a small hole in the envelope & without pearls inside. so she tried again – this time carefully beading the pearls, wrapping them & putting them in a small bag. guess what happened: the letter has arrived here today. with an approximately 1 inch hole at the narrow side of the envelope. inside there is the bag (with 2 small holes, big enough for the wooden pearls), the fiber, the foil … but no pearls!!!

is there a pearl fetishist working at our post office???

if you have any idea what could have happened to these pearls please let me know!


the way life goes: house hunting visitors who moved here from tenerife 2 weeks ago. not only are they interested in renting this house (& buying our kitchen) but they also have an apartment on tenerife we possibly could rent … we will meet again tomorrow & talk about it. exciting 🙂


books shortlisted to be taken along to tenerife:

  • “Handbuch des Kriegers des Lichts” “Warrior of the light” / Paulo Coelho
  • “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” / Richard Bach
  • “Instant Healing” / Serge Kahili King
  • “Individuelle Ernährung mit Ayurveda” “Conscious Eating” / Gabriel Cousens
  • “Power-Wörterbuch Spanisch-Deutsch” spanish-dictionary / Langenscheidt
  • “Siddharta” / Hermann Hesse


“du bist mutig!” you are courageous … are the words i hear most frequently these days. am i courageous? maybe. sometimes. i can easily list a lot of things i don’t dare. but i dare to live the things i want to. those important for me.

these days, i see myself in the following words, found again in one of my favourite books (btw: one of the books i will take along to tenerife) “Warrior of the light”

Ein Krieger des Lichts tut immer Außergewöhnliches.

Er tanzt beispielsweise auf dem Weg zur Arbeit auf der Straße. Oder blickt einem Unbekannten in die Augen und spricht sofort von Liebe. Er verficht eine Idee, die lächerlich wirken mag. Der Krieger des Lichts erlaubt sich derlei Dinge.

Er fĂĽrchtet sich weder, ĂĽber vergangenen Schmerz zu weinen, noch, ĂĽber Neuentdecktes zu jauchzen.

Wenn er spürt, dass die Stunde gekommen ist, lässt er alles zurück und bricht zu dem Abenteuer auf, von dem er immer geträumt hat. Wenn er erkennt, dass er an der Grenze seiner Widerstandskraft angekommen ist, verlässt er den Kampf, ohne sich deswegen Vorwürfe zu machen.

Ein Krieger verbringt seine Tage nicht damit, eine Rolle zu spielen, die andere fĂĽr ihn ausgesucht haben.


moving out part 1: our house is half-empty now. beds, table & chairs are left. some packing cases with things the kids want to store in their father’s cellar. still some cases with things to set free. our bags & backpacks of course. & some utensils we will need here within the remaining 2 weeks.