Monthly Archives: February 2011


the canarian winter is over. for about a week or so nights ain’t that cold as they used to be on our arrival here. almond trees & others are blowing

again: all our bags are packed …

… we are ready to go 🙂

within the next two days we will move from the finca to our new home in la orotava. today i will sign the contract &, as we can borrow the finca car, we will bring our suitcases there. tomrrow we will move with our backpacks, going by bus.

just in time

got a copy of the rental agreement yesterday & worked through it last night. on monday i will meet my landlady , sign the contract & get the keys for the house. wow!


my heart is burning with joy, love & gratitude … for being here, enjoying all the beauty, the sun, the warmth, the kindness. how i love the sceneries. the ocean. the colourful houses. the guaguas 😉

finding an answer

when you want an answer to a question, direct that question to within YOU. believe and know that the moment you ask you are being answered. you don’t know HOW the answer will come, but you will receive it, and the answer you receive will be the perfect answer for YOU, because you attracted it from within YOU.

in the flow

living on the finca, flat share, with 20 people. about 12 of them living here for a longer period, the others changing every few days: couch surfers. i really like this: meeting so many interesting, open-minded people, living all different lifes. it is not us being “different” or freaky here. furthermore, they are all very helpful concerning the 1000s of questions & difficulties in our new everyday life. thanks to the universe for leading us to this place!

living together in one room, the 3 of us, for two weeks now, is another challenging experience.

becoming familiar with how things work here … everything is new, learning all the time.

i am living HERE & NOW, simply going the way step by step … & the universe really is giving us all we need & want to have. feels so good 🙂

punto de teno – afternoon at the beach

at the north-west corner of tenerife. incredibly beautiful coast. i so much enjoy the sceneries here! especially at the coast: impressing mountains & canyons, & on the other side always the atlantic. the panorama road to the playa de teno was an adventure: beneath such impressing, wild scarps … made me feel humble & small.


at the end of a long day, starting with a walk downhill to icod at 8 am to reach the bus to puerto there. visited a house in la orotava (muy bonita!), an apartment in sta ursula (okay), the german quarter of puerto, la paz, (horrible). finished the day with a walk uphill in the dark, with both kids & two students spending some days on the finca here.

our 10th day here: an intensive day, filled with good things, enjoyable encounters & new impressions. excited, grateful & tired now … good night to all of you out there!

parque drago

looking for a home

day 6 here. still on the finca. i just updated my dashboard weather widget from hamburg (0°C) to icod (18°C … which is not really right … now that the sun is down it is about 10 or 12 °C). btw: sun is going down here between 6 & 7 am & dawn is quite short; not later than half past 7 it is dark!).

we have seen two houses this week, haven’t come to a decision yet but none of both seems to be right. i have answered about 6 announcements this afternoon …let’s see what the next week will show us.