Monthly Archives: February 2011

three days

three days on tenerife. everything is different. strange. flat sharing with 20 people on a small finca. sunny & warm in the daytime, yet quite cool when sun is down. very scenic, beautiful. mountainous. next bus stop & next shop is about 3,5 km downhill … & of course uphill on the way back. & i really mean uphill … very steep! the waxing moon is like a lying C here 🙂

everything is new, we have to find out about all everyday things: how to get where we want, how the busses ( guaguas) are going. where to get our food, where to register residence and so on. a challenge for all the three of us, difficult especially for j …

today we took a trip round the island, inspected a small house between san miguel & vilaflor (very nice, very romantic, but so far back that we would need a car to live there … have to think about it). on our way back we visited an organic, permaculture finca near alcala, guia de isora. we bought some organic avocados, tomatoes & sweet potatoes there & talked to the owner of the finca – an english woman, single mother of three, transition-minded & very interested in our life as homeschoolers. she offered us lodging in a small 2-bedroom-house on her finca, temporary or maybe for longer … maybe we will go there for some time if we won’t find a house/flat within the next week. sounds interesting 🙂

last part of today’s trip led us through the mountains in the northwest of tenerife … awesome! incredibly beautiful … overwhelming. soul balsam.

8 hours

checked in, dropped baggage (10kg overweight, i. e. 100 euros!). kids are sleeping.

me, i’m going to fill our backpacks now & try to sleep then. alarm clock is set to 3 a.m.

feel like i am bursting with excitement!


two and a half years ago one of my best friends left hamburg to emigrate to australia with her family. i still miss her so much. in her last weeks & days here we set up some special memories, like burying stones at one of our favourite places … planing to meet there again some day.

now it’s me leaving …

these days i often remember those weeks, understanding how she felt about leaving & starting in a new life. everything becomes different. moments with friends turn to very special memories. songs …

it’s also me now, leaving another best friend here. saying goodbye. tears & laughter …

i am so grateful we have met, thank you for being a part of my life!


enjoying our last but one day here. going to buy some greens & fruit for our flight, say good-bye to the central library & see my best friend this evening.


another museum’s day … what a heartwarming day, good-bye party with some friends. songs played & sung for me. so many good wishes accompanying us. i thank you so much!