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bear mom

a friend just told me of a documentation movie she saw. about how a bear, mother to two cubs, teaches them to become independent. she stops feeding them, punishes them if they try to take away her food, at the utmost leaving to them the leftovers of her meal. so they will be motivated to learn to feed themselves.

so my actual work with my son has got a title now … i call it Bärenmutter-Projekt … bear mom project.

after years of recognizing a problem (his lack of moving in the real world) … it is high time now to push him in the world, in the real life. it is not about changing my ideas of our lifestyle, of radical unschooling. it is about me not feeling disposed to mother him that much anymore. time for him to leave the nest, to enter the world. yes, it also is about raising his motivation to learn what he will need for that.

he does not feel comfortable with this at all, it is a challenge for the both of us. but i feel sure that it is right & i have total confidence in him!


we met another homeedfamily here today. unschoolers. two kids, boys, who have not really been interested in playing with a girl … but the daughter enjoyed her time at the beach in puerto, collecting beautiful stones & building a castle. later, at the playground, she found another (spanish) girl & played with her. me, i enjoyed talking to the parents. what a lovely afternoon! unfortunately, they are just about to leave to another island – but we hope to meet them again before!


there are lots of canyons, barrancos, everywhere on this mountaineous volcano island. they are crossing towns and villages, and a lot of gardens are passing into canyons. yesterday we have explored a relatively small barranco near our house … a lovely excursion on a sunny sunday afternoon. climbing downhill and then hiking through the canyon, heading for the atlantic. it’s not really like virgin nature down there – obviously the tinerfeños use their barrancos to dispose of their rubbish. we found lots of car wheels and wrecks and other things. our hike ended at a scarp – no way to get down there.

la orotava, tenerife

the place i call home now. i don’t know for how long & i don’t think about it. i am here now & i enjoy it.

view over villa de la orotava, from the jardín victoria


i have written this post one and a half years ago, but never published it … it really took me a long time to leave. so now, belated, my farewell:

good-bye. hamburg meine stadt. the only town i once called home. st pauli where i lived for many years. i don’t wanna live there no more – still feels like coming home, somehow, and i still like the people there, though.
i have lived in hamburg for 20 years, i am familiar with this town. and there are still some places i love.



some of the things that are quite different here than i would have expected them to be: it is not that warm as i thought it would be. especially not inside the house … since yesterday it is heavily raining (and we don’t have any umbrellas or rain coats) … we have got our telephone & internet connection within less than a week. & the technician arrived here absolutely on time, calling before to approve our date.

well … the weather is off our hands … but everything i wanted to & expected to happen, like finding a house, meeting helpful people, getting internet & telephone connections, getting my iphone 🙂 … just happened. awesome 🙂

what i never would have expected is …

... an animated waterfall with the sound of twittering birds in my bathroom 🙂

arriving home

after staying on this paradisiac finca (actually i am thinking about living there … ) for 10 days we finally arrived at our new home again today. it’s a journey of about 4 hours by bus … for a distance of maybe 50 or 60 km at most. although we have only been here for 2 nights before, it already feels like coming home. within the next days we will go on settling in here. arranging our house. exploring the neighbourhood. …

our mailbox


view from our terrace ... orotava valley, the atlantic ...

... & the mountains

in our new house

well, we are not there at the moment, you know, but i want to show you some pictures of how it looks like there. taking the chance of the currently good internet connection 😉

we have rented the house with furniture inside, so we are not surrounded by things of our choice, but we have almost everything we need & it’s quite okay. there was a fur at one wall, a fox, which i instantly have taken off & hidden. together with some other things.

our warderobe

the kitchen

big kitchen table ... for eating, playing, drafting, painting ...

entrance to my room

my luxury fairytale-like bed

a lot of wood & a lot of paintures in here

some more of our common space

the big bathroom

... we also have a second bathroom but i forgot to take pictures of it

my office

cupboard in my office

some treasures, presents from friends, i took with me

on the next finca

so now we are doing our housesitting job. fincasitting. together with an australian volunteer we are staying here, enjoying the sun & the fruit & greens out of the garden. not so much enjoying the internet connection which is quite slow most of the time. & there are some exciting things happening here, little dramas concerning the obviously difficult family situation of this finca’s owner … well, not that peaceful here as we’d like to live, but, well, everything is fine at the moment. at this moment, the kids are watching an english disney video while i am trying to get some work done. the owner of the finca is from britain & there are a lot of toys, books & videos here, everything in english. of course our australian companion also is talking english, so we are quite multi-lingual these days 🙂

we are at the west coast of tenerife & the sky has been very clear, so we could see la gomera from here yesterday:

la gomera at the horizon

looking in the other direction: mountains ... as usual


beautiful flowers everywhere

... & interesting animals