bear mom

a friend just told me of a documentation movie she saw. about how a bear, mother to two cubs, teaches them to become independent. she stops feeding them, punishes them if they try to take away her food, at the utmost leaving to them the leftovers of her meal. so they will be motivated to learn to feed themselves.

so my actual work with my son has got a title now … i call it Bärenmutter-Projekt … bear mom project.

after years of recognizing a problem (his lack of moving in the real world) … it is high time now to push him in the world, in the real life. it is not about changing my ideas of our lifestyle, of radical unschooling. it is about me not feeling disposed to mother him that much anymore. time for him to leave the nest, to enter the world. yes, it also is about raising his motivation to learn what he will need for that.

he does not feel comfortable with this at all, it is a challenge for the both of us. but i feel sure that it is right & i have total confidence in him!