needs & wishes

besides all of these inner affairs the main thing i am dealing with these days is our poor social life. me as well as the daughter are urgently missing more people in our lifes. this had been a problem in germany, because most of our friends were living far away from us. & here, of course, where we only know very few people up to now, it is even worse.

i am yearning for a community to live in, with people of different ages, vegans, raw foodists would be great. unschoolers (living a radically unschooled life). likeminded. openminded. community! that’s what we need. that’s what i want for all the three of us. at least we could think about moving to a place with a bit more life in our neighbourhood. shorter ways. puerto maybe? furthermore i would really really love to have a garden, maybe grow some vegetables or greens!

so i made a list, a to-do-list, for when we will be back from germany: looking for communities on the islands, visiting them. placing notices in the health store. go on looking for classes, ballet, sports and so on. socialize our lifes 🙂

edit: start moving, so your angel can start blessing: just after scheduling these activities i made a new acquaintance, a german living here for many years with her daughter … i will call her in august as soon as we will be here again.