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do what you wish

… Du musst deine Geschichte erleben. Du darfst nicht hierbleiben.

… du kannst immer nur von einem Wunsch zum nächsten gehen. Was du nicht wünscht, ist für dich unerreichbar. […] Und es genügt auch nicht, nur von einem Ort fortgehen zu wollen. Du musst zu einem anderen hinstreben. Du musst dich von deinen Wünschen führen lassen.

… es gibt […] einen Ort, der überall hinführt und von überall her erreicht werden kann. Dieser Ort wird der Tausend Türen Tempel genannt. […] Wer ihn kennenlernen will, der muss sich hineinwagen. […] Durch den Irrgarten der tausend Türen kann dich nur ein wirklicher Wunsch führen. Wer den nicht hat, der muss solange darin herumirren, bis er weiss, was er sich wünscht. Und das dauert manchmal sehr lang.

Quelle: Die unendliche Geschichte (Neverending Story), Michael Ende

tried out

  • breath meditation.
    meant to raise one’s energy. my reaction: overwhelming tiredness, i almost fell asleep. the only thing keeping me awake was a strong itchiness coming up during the meditation. next day i had eczemas … detox, stimulated by the breath meditation?
  • shiatsu. a friend gave some shiatsu to me. i really enjoyed the treatment, the massage, & felt very well. in the middle of the next night i woke up with a strong pain in my stomach … a very special pain that i had experienced about 20 years ago. coincidence? or can shiatsu evoke things like this? detox??


our mantra of the day … “what shall we do today? – be lucky!” “was machen wir heute? – glück haben!” … reading michael ende’s awesome book “the neverending story” with the daughter. i haven’t read it for years & i love it even more now!

languages … mess inside my head

it seems to me that for every spanish word i am learning i forget an english one. sometimes i even cannot find german words. more & more often i find myself talking to people in a mix of 2 or 3 languages. so don’t be surprised if i should start mixing up the languages here 🙂

3 weeks on the road – notices

incredibly intensive, filled with joy, love, abundance. here & now.

– community
– joy of reunion with beloved friends
– beautiful german sceneries i have never seen before
– an abundance of GREEN
– trips, fun, easy life
– interesting, soul and heart feeding encounters
– especially one quite short but lovely unorthodox encounter, raising up my self-esteem

obviously, the changes in my life have changed me … talking about fallen barricades, leaving me more open & much more vulnerable. this seems to be visible in my face … as a dear friend told me.

feeling gratitude & happiness for everything within these awesome weeks!