big 5

after having read this interesting horoscope book this summer i have slightly adapted my big5-list as well as redefined my purpose for existence … well, it is a list to work with, not to be set in stone but to help me focus, keep track of my priorities.

my big 5 are still 6 instead of 5, the things i most want to do, see, or experience in my lifetime. the things that will make me feel that my life is a success. the things that will contribute to fulfilling my reason for being here:

  • spiritual development; LEARN, grow, reflect
  • TRAVEL the world
  • writing, creating art, COMMUNICATING – to learn, to express myself, to inspire others & to leave something behind
  • loving, supporting & releasing RELATIONSHIPS
  • act in a way to make this world a better place, for all creatures, live a natural as possible life style

obviously some of the items on this list correspond to each other, overlap with each other. maybe i should work over it to get things clearer … but look, in the first place i am here to LIVE not to think about it. so for now this list works fine for me!

while i am still not sure about my reason for being here, now i tend to see it not only in “love & enjoy life” but in finding my soul mate!