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zen habits

7 little things that make life effortless:

  • do less … only do the important things
  • have less … it is so much lighter!
  • let little things go … don’t fight over them, just let them glide off
  • clean as you go
  • make small, gradual changes … instead of wanting everything at once & failing (or not starting at all)
  • focus on the things that matter
  • be compassionate

what a wonderful inspiration … find more of this here.

anders als es scheint

night & day. never give up, not even the next minutes. now is now. next minute is in the future & wow it can come up totally different. love what is.

had a strange day some days ago. bad night, could not sleep for hours. woke up in the morning feeling sick & weak, vomiting, belly ache. stayed in bed & put off my plans for the day. amazingly, i have not been fighting, just accepting. almost enjoying. during the next hours i not only became better (which is not surprising, i am very very seldomly sick & it never lasts long) but that day (& the following ones) came up with lots of joyful surprises. awesome!

banana house

another visit to the finca this week. viewing our future home. the banana house. it is so lovely! both the house and the gardens around! … before this i had been a bit uncertain about my plans. for this move will probably come together with big changes in our life, our family … well, we’ll see. in any case, i needed this visualization, to go on painting the picture in my head.

das wesentliche …

rereading “the little prince”, don’t know how often i have yet read it. i love the fox’ chapter!

danke für die farbe des weizens …!

todo lo que perdemos se lleva algo de nosotros … pero siempre nos queda algo!


i am so grateful i can live here:

golden octobre. 34° c today. i simply love it!

sunrise. on a morning in late september.

above the clouds. half an hour later we have been within them. another 30 minutes later they were gone.

do what you wish III

Du bist den Weg der Wünsche gegangen, und der ist nie gerade. Du hast einen großen Umweg gemacht, aber es war dein Weg.

Quelle: Die unendliche Geschichte (Neverending Story), Michael Ende

ich gehe ihn noch, den weg. genieße das gehen. auch der umwege. gibt es die überhaupt? gehört nicht jedes stück weg, sogar jedes im-kreis-laufen, zu meinem weg? hauptsache weitergehen. nicht stehen bleiben.

wie paulo coelho es so schön sagt: “when your legs are tired, walk with your heart. but please, don’t stop!