only 3 and a half weeks until he will leave. “my” son. only a few months ago i wanted him to start into his own life. now … i will miss him! remembering the tears i cried when at the age of almost 7 he spent the first weekend without me … (some weeks later i had learned to appreciate these weekends-with-dad, appreciated the freedom i had won.)

i have just read through my last year’s posts. the days & weeks before we left germany. remembering the basics: a place to sleep, fruit to eat, internet connection. & the three of us together. … from now on it will only be the two of us. for sure he will still be an important part of our familiy, of my life. only about 4,000 km away …

well. the two of us will go on travelling together … looking forward to our next house move in a few weeks. gratefully saying good-bye to this comfortable apartment, our home for the last 10 months. looking for new experiences. going on looking for our community. going on travelling.