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dreams coming true

my favourite animals are cats. big cats & the smaller ones. top of the list are tigers … from afar … but i have always dreamed about living with one or more cats.

as i strongly believe in the right of any creature to live in freedom, the way s/he wants, as naturally as possible … to be FREE! … i don’t like the thought of “keeping” an animal. furthermore i won’t like to participate in the abuse & killing of other animals by feeding a carnivore with the products of the meat industry.

so i have been waiting for a cat to decide to live with us, in an environment where s/he could hunt for his/her own food

now it seems this day has come 🙂

leicht & schwer

Manchmal scheint es einfacher zu sein,
Menschen aus unserem Leben zu entlassen,
als Vorstellungen aus unserem Kopf zu verbannen.

Denn es ist leichter, das Zimmer unserer Begrenzungen zu bewohnen,
als den Palast unserer Möglichkeiten zu erforschen.

Den Spatz in der Hand zu fĂĽttern,
als zur Taube aufs Dach zu klettern.

Der Vergangenheit ein Denkmal zu setzen,
als der Zukunft FlĂĽgel zu verleihen.

Und mit den Gedanken Achterbahn zu fahren,
als den GefĂĽhlen freien Lauf zu lassen.

Doch wenn wir uns den Kopf zerbrechen,
zerbricht auch unser Herz.

von Andrea Gegner

easter weekend’s tops & flops

first rain since last summer * leak in the water pipe for the finca, i. e. very little water, becoming less every day, no chance to wash our clothes or hair. yearning for a shower! * 2 days with friends, celebrating * quite difficult goodbye to drive back home * daughter having playmates at the finca * missing the son who does not even seem to be reachable via skype these days * waiting for a parcel which got stuck at the customs * not able to run because of a sore foot * feeling somehow imbalanced