lost & seeking

still feeling stuck and lost. looking for a way out.
just read a post from freelee, remembering people me to get out of my comfort zones. before it will kill me, my spirit, my potential.
and i got a wonderful book as a new year’s present: art saves. starting with what i am looking for: “even when we feel totally lost, we can find our way back through the creative process … show your soul that you are listening. create what you seek but can not find.”

yes, nothing really new. i know i need to be creative to nourish my soul. making things is making me happy. and i know i feel better if i move my body. and if i don’t hide from the world.

i yet left my comfort zone, so often, in so many ways … but still am stuck in it in too many ways. living too much in the internet, hiding myself from the real world. not moving enough at all. started making art and crafting again 2 months ago but did not get into the flow. maybe i should put it up on the top of my priority list?!?

furthermore, i am worrying about the mondenkind, also hiding herself & not feeling as happy as she’s meant to be.

so maybe this is a good day to make a new year’s resolution. and to put it into practice!

MOVE! GO OUT! TALK TO PEOPLE! and, first of all: MAKE ART!

everything else i want to do this year, things i wrote as my wishes at new year’s eve, will find it’s way to me then, i am sure!

and … if you are reading this: i would much appreciate any help, support, inspiration!

2 thoughts on “lost & seeking

  1. Ramona

    Vielleicht kannst du einen workshop finden? irgendwas, wo du mit anderen menschen gemeinsam kreativ sein kannst? oder du buchst einen ecourse. das ist zwar auch wieder im internet, aber bringt vielleicht die kreativen säfte ins fliessen? oder wie sieht es aus mit challenges? jeden tag was gestalten, oder sketchbook challenge. oder prayer flags?

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