if money would be no object

i would …

… right now book flights to germany, to visit some very special people i have not seen for far too long. & to organize some things i urgently would like to attend to.

… next, i would book flights to australia to visit my dear friend c who i have not seen for 4 and a half years now. missing her so much!!! i would also love to stay in australia for a while & to get to know this country.

… after that, i would go on travelling. visiting the world’s greatest cascades. some tropic countries like costa rica, indonesia/vietnam/thailand, kenya. visiting communities like the one in paraguay. getting to know andalusia, looking for a horse finca to stay for a while with the mondenkind.

… i would keep our little banana house (or maybe buy the whole finca) as our home, i would stay in germany for three months or so in summer and would travel for some months every year.

yes, i am restless again. somehow uneasy currently. i have found some things i had been looking for but there is still a lot missing. this place healed my body & my soul but now it seems to be time to go on. still searching … for me, for a home, for a soulmate.