the journey goes on

if you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there (freely adapted from the chesire cat in “alice in wonderland”) … as against alice i don’t want to go away from this wonderful place but actually want to attract some more good things, things still missing, to come here.
at the same time i feel i have to move to allow changes to occur. to find something different, something new, i have to do something new. leave my comfort zone.

so, following these ideas combined with, well, some financial challenges, i decided to realize part of these dreams right now … we will spend the summer on the road, without permanent home. by the end of june we will pack our old car and cross to the mainland, travel spain, maybe portugal, france, and germany of course.

up to now i only booked the ferry. one way. i’ll go on planning next week, when we’ll be back from our next short trip, to la palma.