Monthly Archives: November 2013

back home challenge

coming back to the banana house turns out to be quite a challenge.

arriving there on monday 18th at 4 a.m. we found the house to be completely inhabitable: all the wood had been treated with horrible products, some to defense the wood worms, some to maintain the wood. we could not even stand the smell on the terrace so we built up our tent in the garden … and that is where we live now. don’t know for how long. the smell is becoming less but it is still not possible to stay in the house for longer or sleep in there. i hope it will disappear so it will be possible to live in there again … for a few months. not sure about this yet.

maybe this is a sign, showing me that this try to revive our banana house phase is senseless?!?

as the weather is warm and dry, sleeping outdoor is wonderful. we can use the house’s facilities so we do have some comfort.

good things about the situation are:

  • i can test my life’s compatibility with living outdoor (do not have a solution for my computer work yet but am working on it) and i do learn a lot
  • almost every moment turns out to be a reminder to stay in the presence, live NOW. as everything is fine and i really do feel happy as long as i don’t worry about tomorrow, next week’s work, the weather forecast or anything else.
  • yet working together with others on the finca: in the garden, around the house, to improve the situation, to settle there again. kind of community 🙂



beautiful, magical andalusia. such a long time i was yearning to go there and now i finally made it. travelled there, saw it, felt it. and left a piece of my heart there.

seductive abundance, stunning landscapes. and … a raw food community!

living outdoor, living free and in community.

this is what my colourful, amazing vagrant life of the last months led me to: i found the next step on my dream journey, want to go there and stay … for a while!

so I will stay at tenerife for the winter, working, gardening, living!!! Preparing our move to andalusia next year … e. g. to find a solution to integrate my computer work with an outdoor lifestyle.

oh how much i love my life!