Monthly Archives: June 2014

here & now & future

still feeling totally overwhelmed with love, intimacy and WOW <3 after two and a half weeks together in heaven ... she was here and i loved & enjoyed each minute, each second ... one week apart now (to get some jobs done, as i don’t seem to be able to work while being with her. i guess i’d better learn this in order to stay together for longer some day in the future 😉 ), then we will go to portugal again for one week to house-sit a small finca with two horses and a donkey living there. quite hard landing in the “real world”: my landlady made a report at the social services about us homeschooling, so two of them visited us today, without prior notification, to tell me that it is obliged for children to go to school in spain and to ask me thousands of questions … though still feeling a bit shocked i very soon started to interpret this as one more sign that it is time for a change … moving house, maybe leaving this island, heading to europe or (better!) middle america. btw: one of our current ideas is to find a horse finca somewhere in the south of europe (or at the canaries or in middle america or …) to live & work there with the three of us TOGETHER <3 sonnenuntergang-panorama