twin flame stages

i found this description of the stages of a twin flame relationship … in short:

  • Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening
  • Testing
  • Crisis
  • Runner Dynamic
  • Surrender
  • Self-Realization, Illumination and Radiance
  • Harmonizing

(follow the link above for a more detailed description of the stages).

a lot of this sounds quite familiar to me … the two of us seem to be somewhere between crisis, runner and surrender … not always both at the same stage though. or maybe these stages don’t follow each other progressively but both twins are moving in cycles between them?

because, currently i feel like although yet having reached “surrender” months ago i somehow have fallen back, now being torn somewhere between runners dynamic and surrender … maybe this is due to us working through layers of old issues in our past, in this life and in earlier lives?

true, for sure:

“Despite fears, both twins naturally come together in cycles for bonding, confession, forgiveness, and lovemaking.”