hello world :)

time to travel again. not only travel from our home base like we did for several times within the last one and a half years since we came back to this island. but leave our apartment, put as much of our stuff as possible in my brave old car (and store the rest somewhere here on the island) and head towards europe. we’ll take the ferry on august 20th … a la península … spend some days in portugal and andalucia and then hit the road towards hamburgo to finally spend some time with my son whom i miss so much.

don’t know yet, what and whom we will meet on our way through spain, france and germany and neither where we will go afterwards (as i am sure that i will not want to stay in the cold after mid-october ???? ) … but … YAY!

although i know i will miss a lot of what i love here, i feel so happy and excited … i just LOVE to travel and i only now realize HOW MUCH i am yearning to go out there and explore new places and learn and see and fly 🙂 …

as a dear friend wrote to me a few weeks ago: “zur Ruhe kommen steht dir nicht.” – she’s probably right 🙂