new beginnings … the sun-year 2016, the chinese year of the monkey, spring equinox, the planetarian year of mars … eclipse season, remembering of what happened during the eclipse season last year …


my 5 year, in a 9 year
five years the bamboo is growing its roots
before you’ll see him growing above the ground.

gone through hell and back
still going … who can say what’s heaven, what’s hell?
anyway … it’s time to finally start living again
live not survive
finally feeling ALIVE again
embracing myself and everything exactly as i am & as it is today
step by step regaining ground under my feet
rediscovering ME
remembering myself
and re-learning to fly

they say, the biggest challenge for twin flames is to learn to live happily without each other … so true! … i am trying …
… she will ALWAYS be a part of me, still under my skin, forever in my heart!!!