some thoughts about a brandnew moment … starting right now

every day, every moment, is new. i can start anew whenever i want. changing my perception, seeing the world and everything and everybody in it with brandnew eyes. creating my life anew. my inner and my outer world.

if i had a magic wand and could restart my outer world NOW within a blink of an eye … what would i choose? whom would i choose?

i could choose to have all my teeth, healthy 😉 … on the other hand, then i would miss the chance to learn how to heal or regrow them 😉
i could choose to have more money … but then i would miss the chance to experience how well universe/the goddess/the angels/ALL.LOVE.ME is caring for me in so many ways.

i could choose to live alone, to be free to do and to go whereever i want, whenever i want, or i could choose not to love to avoid lots of challenges and painful emotions and the need for compromises … no, i could not choose this! 😉

i (would) choose to be ME. without fears. to be me without letting fears control me. without the need to control anything. in LOVE and courage and honesty and peace. showing up and never hiding again.

i (would) choose to go on. to go with the flow. to let it come and let it go. follow through with this path, this journey.

i simply LOVE my life and everybody and everything in it. i love to experience all this. …

for sure, i would not change any of the people in my life. I LOVE ALL OF YOU and despite of sometimes challenging situations and the need to put some of my needs on hold sometimes i would not want to miss anybody.

i choose the unknown. i choose to be. i choose to love. i choose to be free.

(i’m not that much in my head these days … just tried to write down what comes to my mind when thinking about this question)