kundalini meditation

third time i did this. dance meditation with kundalini meditation music. (osho meditation?).
it’s simply wonder-ful! magic.
making me feel HAPPY and in LOVE.
experiencing more and more, with increasing intensity, each time i do it … sensations in my body. colors & images, seen with my closed eyes (or my third eye?). emotions and thoughts passing by. experiencing something like “remote touch” … today during dancing i felt my twin’s breast close to mine, skin to skin, gentle touch.
while dancing … once i have started, i am not deliberately moving my body … the music does it. i am not only surrendered to the music – i AM the music.
while lying afterwards … tingling sensations in my arms and legs. a feeling as if i am endless … not ending at my skin (i do remember this feeling from my childhood … i always loved it, but lost it at some point in my teenage years. for many years i have not felt it; it only returned few years ago; not sure when exactly)