Monthly Archives: August 2017


trigger word.
instantly triggering pain, fear, feeling lost. abandoned.

i don’t need, or want, people, not even beloved ones, to stay, physically.
leave if you have to.
i will do so too.
come back when you want to.
be there & be away.
be whereever you need to be.
together. alone.
story of my life.
and it’s okay.
i am fine with it.
more, i need both of it.
it’s only moments.
life is all about moments.
and i can embrace each and every one of them.
i don’t need to know about the next moment
as long as i am present & aware with this one.

hearing, or reading, (your) good-bye makes it so … final. re-minds me.
of the moments to come.
nothing but illusion.