commitment for LOVE

in autumn 2016 i somehow crossed a border … lost my mind, found … my soul, my self, my body, my … cannot capture it in words. i came so close to ME like never before … still coming closer, each and every day, and since then i am trying to integrate this “new me” within my everyday life. faltering between struggle and surrender, slowly learning to express mySELF in outer life. and always, like ever, i am finding peace in nature. at the sea, in the forest.

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it’s about living my life as if it really mattered … moment by MOMENT by moment by moment

“anarchy is the revolutionary idea that no one is more qualified than you are to decide what your life will be!”

i think everything in life is art. what you do. the way you dress. how you love someone, and how you talk. your smile and your personality. what you believe in, and all your dreams. the way you drink your tea. how you decorate your home. your grocery list. the food you make. how your writing looks. and the way you feel. LIFE IS ART! create it consciously!

my name is cecilia x.

i am:
me … i am a lover, dreamer, writer, blogger, artist & designer … of my life and more, webdeveloper, self-employed, raw-vegan, single mother to 2 beautiful creative unschooled kids … and a lot more!

… introvert, willful, highly skilled, highly sensitive, empathic, freedom-loving …

i love the sun, the sea, the forest, living free, the not-knowing of life. fruit, travelling, creating things, getting to know other parts of me (inside and outside).
i love me

i love to live a life close to nature … including an internet connection 😉

i love to travel the world, to be on the road … to find places to stay, close to nature, in community with openminded people and “caves” to be by myself … and to move on.

“das leben ist wie ein reissender fluss
der mich weitertreibt, der nie stehen bleibt.
und erreich ich ein ufer,
komm ich doch nur zum schluss,
dass ich weiter gehen muss.”
(reinhard may)

my spiritual name is simritpreet kaur, which means the princess/lioness who finds her beloved through the practice of meditating & remembering god & who walks with grace & power throughout her life.
simrit means one who has mastered the practice of simran, meditation, the practice of remembering god’s name in my heart & on my lips with every breath.
preet means beloved.
kaur means the princess/lioness of god who walks with grace and power throughout her life.
receiving this name means that i have the potential to master & to fall in love with the beautiful spiritual practice of simran, using the grace, power & courage of a lioness of god. chanting the name of god raises my vibration, awakens my power & allows my soul to prevail.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

signs & elements …

ayurveda: vata
chinese: ram (wei), element: fire (ding)
western: cancer, ascendant scorpio
celtic tree: apple (the art of the possible)
maya: nahual: KAAN (snake), ton: OX (3) (mehr)
galactic signature: kin 244

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lots of “things” i am grateful for:

  • two wonderful children challenging & amazing me every day:
    • a 21 year old son, charming, humorous, creative, highly skilled & very willful
    • a 12 year old energetic, beautiful, fascinating, creative, intelligent daughter
  • magic, wonder-ful and challenging love !!!
  • perfectly wonderful, marvellous friends & soul family – everywhere around the world
  • abundant health
  • my own agency with an office to go whereever i go
  • more than enough money for every thing i want
  • a spiritual name

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