You can’t discover yourself unless you look for yourself, so get lost.

lieben was ist.
– was ist, ist. es hat keinen sinn sich mit der wirklichkeit anzulegen, zu wollen, dass sie anders ist.
– bei meinen angelegenheiten bleiben. nicht in die angelegenheiten anderer oder gottes einmischen. nicht glauben zu wissen, was für andere das beste ist.
– gedanken kommen um zu gehen, nicht um zu bleiben. sie sind harmlos solange wir nicht glauben sie seien wahr.

Mir ist völlig klar, dass mich die ganze Welt liebt. Ich erwarte nur nicht von allen, dass ihnen das schon bewusst ist. 🙂

byron katie

“Joy attracts more joy. Happiness attracts more happiness. Peace attracts more peace. Gratitude attracts more gratitude. Kindness attracts more kindness. Love attracts more love.

Your job is an inside one. To change your world, all you have to do is change the way you feel inside. How easy is that?

From The Secret Daily Teachings

love is our only reason for living and the only purpose of life. we live for the sake of love, and we live seeking love…….it is not surprising that we keep looking for love, because we are all born of love. we come out of love. all of us are nothing but vibrations of love…”

swami muktananda in “two suns rising” by jonathan star

it is the joy within that creates a magnificent life on the outside. it doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing, who you are with or what is happening around you, you take the joy with you!

live your dream in your heart and let the universe move everything to bring your dream to you. feel your dream, feel the presence of the universe inside you. KNOW that the universe is with you, guiding you, and then allow the universe to realize your dream.

every night before you go to sleep give sincere thanks for the day. then intend your next day to be joyous, effortless & wonderful. on waking in the morning, confirm your intention that your day will be magnificent! … you are creating every one of your days!!!

i promise myself …

to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
to talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person i meet.
to make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.
to look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.
to think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.
to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as i am about my own.
to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
to wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature i meet.
to give so much time to improving myself that i have no time to criticize others.
to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
to think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds.
to live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as i am true to the best that is in me.

christian d. larson

The Prosperity Prayer by Lynn Robinson

Dear God

I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love.
I ask that you remove my worries, anxieties and fears about money, and replace them with faith.
I know and trust that my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life.
I have only to look to nature to see proof of the abundance you provide.
I release all negative thoughts about money, and know that prosperity is my true state.
I commit to being grateful for all that I now have in my life.
I learn to manage my finances wisely, seeking help where needed.
And finally, I ask you to help me understand my purpose in life and to act on that purpose with courage and strength. I know that prosperity will come, in part, by doing work I love. Please help me use my skills and knowledge to be of service in the world.

Thank you, God.


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