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counting good things

such an abundance in our home:

abundant fruit in our kitchen

abundance on our lunch table*

money for last weeks' work flowing in

to be continued … 🙂

*thanks for seaweed from the baltic sea, harvested on a wonderful sunny day there with friends! thanks for cucumber & miners lettuce by r.! thanks for yummy dates from the central market, fresh batata bought at the wholefood shop & raw peanuts, marinated & dried with tamari & seaweed.

eat from your stash

eat from your stash … my name for a game jademond has just started. sounds funny 🙂

somehow this is our usual way to eat …but with a stash only surviving a few days for it consists of 95% fresh fruit & greens. our kitchen is either empty or filled with an abundance of fruit. at the moment we have plenty of ripe papayas, bananas & pineapples, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, dates & enough spinache for about 3 days. besides there are blackberry leaves & some avocados. we also have some nuts, almonds & seeds in our cupboard but it seems we won’t need any of these the next days 🙂

… this is what we had the last days. we don’t stick to the usual meals, each of us eats whenever she is hungry, but most days m & i share three to four meals. j usually eats on his own.


  • papaya, grapes, spinache
  • durian with blackberry leaves
  • grapes, dates, mulberries with blackberry leaves
  • oranges with spinache
  • j. does not play along; he ordered a pizza today. furthermore he had cucumber, apple, bread with peanut butter.


  • papaya with spinache
  • grapes with spinache for me; a cream of banana, carob & greens decorated with raisins & salad for m
  • spinache, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, olives
  • papaya (flesh for m, seeds for me 😉 ), apple, dates, fennel, blackberry leaves
  • j had bread, vegan chocolate, 1 apple, 1 pear, grape juice.