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sunny creations

missing discipline … today i somehow cannot get my head down on my work. daydreaming. my thoughts are focussing completely on my yearning for sun, warmth, travelling. so when my daughter suggested to “paint a sun for yourself” i instantly picked my colors & paper … look what we came up with:

sun is shining!

sun is shining in my office :) on Twitpic

... in my office!

something great to share in my museum. this is how i want to live. following our spontaneous ideas without practical constraints forcing me to do something else. our next project will be painting a sun on our kitchen’s ceiling 🙂

magic of art

my favourite in london has been our visit of the “dalĂ­ universe”. i somehow like dalĂ­s work and i am fascinated by his genius. furthermore i have not visited any art museum or exhibition for quite a while & it was so genial. food for my soul. inspiring, too!


… there also was an interactive exhibition – the magic of art – where we played funny games, learning something about color schemes, perspective, art history and so on. created virtual images with the ‘art machine’. in the “graffiti room” we painted the walls with tempera colors … we had so much fun!