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wonderful reading

just read this book and fell in love with it … so poetic, so true, so magic, found myself in so many things Tilo says. and it’s not about the spices which for me are secondary … absolutely fascinating!


“die hüterin der gewürze” by chitra banerjee divakaruni

i absolutely want to reread it, but for now, i sent it to the next address on it’s journey, back to germany … hope you’ll like it, too.

thank you, jademond!


  • schutzengel (paulo coelho)
  • spanische verbformen
  • art saves
  • tao te puh (benjamin hoff)

… and yesterday i have got some books a guy from germany brought to the island for me, placed them in the house of a friend whom i finally met yesterday at the beach:

opitz, osho & .. what i am especially curious to read: alexandra david-néel, mein weg durch himmel und höllen.


found this beautiful book at the library and read it to m:

el pequeño dali - der kleine dali

i love dali's paintings.

and his inspiring ideas

another inspiring man, one of my favourite writers:

handbuch des kriegers des lichts

reading this manual again … as a reminder, inspiration and to improve my spanish 🙂

thanks to the fact that this island mainly makes a living by tourism, one can find german, english, french, dutch … etc books even in the small libraries. no great variety; seem to be donations by tourists or immigrants. i am somehow fascinated by this one:

herrin der falken

i never before read marion zimmer bradley or anything else from the darkover series but i’d really like to read more of this. fascinating.


books shortlisted to be taken along to tenerife:

  • “Handbuch des Kriegers des Lichts” “Warrior of the light” / Paulo Coelho
  • “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” / Richard Bach
  • “Instant Healing” / Serge Kahili King
  • “Individuelle Ernährung mit Ayurveda” “Conscious Eating” / Gabriel Cousens
  • “Power-Wörterbuch Spanisch-Deutsch” spanish-dictionary / Langenscheidt
  • “Siddharta” / Hermann Hesse

talking about books

i love books but i don’t have much time to read. nevertheless i am usually reading at least 2 or 3 books at the same time. this is my current literature:

books i am currently reading

books i am currently reading

  • “Wünschen und bekommen” / E. & J. Hicks
  • “Wilde Hamburger” / U. Westphal & G. Helm
  • “Instant Healing” / Serge K. King
  • “Aus schlauen Kindern werden Schüler” / J. Holt

one year with harry potter

unbelievable … we finally made it. about a year ago, i started to read the latest harry potter to my son. we have read all harry-potter-books together … i.e. i read & he listened … & of course we both talked about it. somehow we found it difficult to find time for our reading sessions during the last year, so it took us quite a while to get through this book … 767 pages … i.e. about 2 pages a day … hmm 🙂