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in the flow

living on the finca, flat share, with 20 people. about 12 of them living here for a longer period, the others changing every few days: couch surfers. i really like this: meeting so many interesting, open-minded people, living all different lifes. it is not us being “different” or freaky here. furthermore, they are all very helpful concerning the 1000s of questions & difficulties in our new everyday life. thanks to the universe for leading us to this place!

living together in one room, the 3 of us, for two weeks now, is another challenging experience.

becoming familiar with how things work here … everything is new, learning all the time.

i am living HERE & NOW, simply going the way step by step … & the universe really is giving us all we need & want to have. feels so good 🙂


i have celebrated my birthday a few days ago … well, actually i am still celebrating 🙂
such gorgeous days with lots of great surprises! a wonderful party, a gift coupon for my favourite delicious fruits, calls, mails & letters. i am so grateful for all of these!

today i found this beautiful present in my postbox:

gorgeous. & exactly what i need!

thank you so much, jademond!


during the last weeks i have been quite busy … working while being indoor & spending as much time outdoor as possible … but now here are some impressions for you of what i did:

taking earth day (about two weeks ago) as the motive to start celebrating earth, nature, again this year. spent a warm & sunny afternoon at my favourite gardener’s, planting bantam corn & enjoying the sun & the greens.

planting ...

... bantam ... corn without gene technology

another sunny day, another trip to the baltic sea, taking a walk at the beach, climbing big rocks, harvesting seaweed, visiting friends in their garden.

sunny afternoon at the baltic sea

plum tree blowing


spent the afternoon with both kids, enjoying the autumn sun on a walk & with some spontaneous halloween crafts:

little monsters

little monsters

made by j.

made by j.

balloon monsters, painted by the kids

balloon monsters, painted by the kids

guess we are well prepared for tomorrow 🙂

happy halloween!

horses & thanksgiving

in face of continuous raining we went to the kiekeberg museum today to celebrate thanksgiving & – mainly – to visit the horse day. we saw lots of different horses, so beautiful some of them. i saw friesian horses – one of the most beautiful horse breeds to me. there were several shows like western riding, circus stunts and so on. i was totally fascinated by the presentation of “natural horsemanship” – a phrase new to me but describing exactly the way of natural non-violent interaction with horses i am looking for! (wanna read something more about it? – visit monty roberts homepage or this page of a german horse trainer.) it was phantastic to see the girls & women communicating with the horses, working WITH them, so obviously being a team each with her horse. relating with the horse. made me happy to watch them 🙂