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do i love to be lonely???

for years now i have been yearning for a community, a small village or something with likeminded people, with friends, with love.

instead of getting closer to this dream it seems as if i am getting farer away from it. the most important people in my life are scattered to the four winds, a far cry from us. our small family became even smaller since the son left one year ago. i met & got to know a lot of people within the last two years, here on the island & in the internet, but in spite of feeling connected for a short time most of them vanished again.

i do appreciate the flow of life, the changes … but wonder why i don’t seem to be able to manifest a change in this regard of my life.

could it be … do i love to be lonely? am i cheating myself? maybe i don’t really want a community? and a partner??? yes, there is fear, but even more yearning. and courage. yes, the last guy i ran into who told me he was in love with me … he really chilled me by making plans for a living together before i even found out if i was in love (well, maybe he would not have chilled me if i would have been … 😉 )

banana house

another visit to the finca this week. viewing our future home. the banana house. it is so lovely! both the house and the gardens around! … before this i had been a bit uncertain about my plans. for this move will probably come together with big changes in our life, our family … well, we’ll see. in any case, i needed this visualization, to go on painting the picture in my head.

finca day

a 24-hour-visit on the finca … lovely company, interesting talks. exciting ideas coming up … will my dream of a community here become true?

first step out of the door in the morning ...

it is warmer here than in the north

don't know what it is but this scenery touches my heart


we have been in berlin today, met some people there who want to build up a community on the canaries. la gomera. the island next to tenerife. rawfood, permaculture, love, freedom … a sunny afternoon filled with warmth, acceptance, love.
community. feels good.
community … what we are yearning for so much. imaginable now. getting within reach. wow.