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8 hours

checked in, dropped baggage (10kg overweight, i. e. 100 euros!). kids are sleeping.

me, i’m going to fill our backpacks now & try to sleep then. alarm clock is set to 3 a.m.

feel like i am bursting with excitement!


enjoying our last but one day here. going to buy some greens & fruit for our flight, say good-bye to the central library & see my best friend this evening.


another museum’s day … what a heartwarming day, good-bye party with some friends. songs played & sung for me. so many good wishes accompanying us. i thank you so much!


settled in our i-home, somehow chaotic, living out of our bags.
the basics: place to sleep, fruit to eat, wlan.


house is empty, all bags are packed.
one last night here, with air matresses & sleep bags.
good-bye picnic with oranges & dried durian.
feeling slightly wistfull …