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das schönste an weihnachten. geschenke machen. mache ich so gerne, nicht nur weihnachten. viel lieber noch als geschenke bekommen (obwohl das natürlich auch schön ist 🙂 ).
nebenbei liebe ich es, dinge zu machen, nicht aber, sie zu haben … für andere zu machen löst das problem wunderbarst & macht mich zweimal glücklich: beim herstellen & beim verschenken!

jetzt also weihnachten.
dem sohn habe ich, via internetshops & moderner versandmethoden, seine geschenke direkt zuschicken lassen. warhammer-modelle hatte er sich gewünscht & hat sie, nebst farben & werkzeugen dazu, bekommen. und noch “selbstgemixtes” müsli. diesen kleinen kerl hier werde ich ihm dank spontaner planung nächste woche persönlich in die hand drücken können *freu*:


familienmitglieder, die schon “alles” haben & die ich mit “selbstgemachtem” nicht wirklich begeistern kann, haben dieses jahr unverpackte geschenke via oxfam von mir bekommen. naja, und weil es so eine gute idee ist, auch noch einige freunde, die aber darüberhinaus noch persönliche post bekommen (sobald ich es schaffe, sie abzuschicken 😉 ) … bananenstauden, bäume, mädchenschulgeld, fussball/sportsponsoring+hiv-aufklärung.

fürs mondenkind, mit der ich am heiligen abend feiern darf, habe ich einige bücher, eine taschenlampe, eine taucherbrille mit schnorchel & ein spiel.

crafting and salvation

my inner world again has been upside down this summer and still is. although i have been feeling better for 1 or 2 weeks now … well, maybe i will write more about this in another post. one thing i am often losing track of in the bustle of my everyday life (or am avoiding when i don’t feel well … don’t know why but i tend to avoid lots of things i usually like, enjoy, need when in this mood …) is crafting. within the last days i realized (again) how i am missing it and i started to plan some projects. made some doodles, painted with the daughter, will crochet some amigurumis and maybe knit a ninja sweater for the son. will have to go shopping before as i don’t have wool and i can’t find my favourite crochet hook – a wonderful one, wooden, a present from my dear friend c in australia. wondrously a new crochet hook arrived here by mail today … together with the “molly makes” i ordered few weeks ago, and, even better, together with a wonderful collage kit by jademond … exactly what i need right now! thank you so much!

so hopefully i can show you some new crafts here soon 🙂

spontaneous collage

this afternoon, sitting in the kitchen with my daughter & working on cards for valentine’s day, the post arrived. a letter from freiburg – what a joy! inside, there were some yummy goodies (dried pineapple, mango & mulberries & two pieces of raw chocolate from keimling … delicious!). we ate these up instantly … i. e. me, i got one piece of chocolate & one piece of pineapple, my daughter guzzled the rest. furthermore, the letter contained wonderful images of food: fruit, greens, smoothies … so we spontaneously decided to make collages of it. this is what i came up with:

somehow this intensifies my yearning for summer ...

somehow this intensifies my yearning for summer ...

i put it up at the door of the kitchen cupboard where my son stores his food 😉 … let’s see whether this visualisation will have an effect on his choices …

thank you for this wonderful gift, dear ramona & charlotte!


moons ago i started to knit an elmar-tank top for my daughter. these days, looking through my unfinished projects, i found that the top would be much to small for her now. so i decided to transform it into something else … wanna have a look?

elmar elefant patchwork top

elmar elefant patchwork top - unfinished

... in between ...

... in-between ...

do you recognize him?

do you recognize him?

i found the idea for this cute little guy through ravelry and susan b. anderson’s blog.

guess i’m gonna give it as a birthday present to a friend of mine who will become 3 years old next week 🙂

autumn afternoons

the days are becoming shorter, it’s getting colder – time to start knitting again 🙂

a few days ago friends of us were visiting us … and while the kids were playing their mothers sat in the kitchen sewing & knitting. although i found some unfinished pieces when searching my needlework utensils i could not resist to start something new when i saw the tutorial my friend brought along. so look what i have made: